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Monday, April 5, 2021

How to Remove Grey Box on Top-Right Corner of Windows 10 Desktop FIX

You may see a gray box (or another colored object like a green circle, etc.) on your screen if your monitor driver is damaged. Furthermore, graphical misconfiguration of the conflicting system or applications can also cause the error being discussed.

Users start seeing a shape on their screen after logging in to their system, overlay on all windows / apps. Many users come across a box at the top right of the screen but for a few people it appears on other areas of the screen as well. For some users, the mouse covers the box and can be clicked but for others they can't click the box.

Gray box in the top right corner of your Windows 10 screen

Before proceeding with the solutions for removing the overlay box, connect your monitor to another system to check if the monitor is faulty. If not, check if gray box appears in system BIOS, if yes check your monitor for hardware problem or not.

Make sure that the magnifying glass (or any of its zoom settings) is not causing the problem. If you are using the TV as a display device, check if mute / unmute the TV resolves the problem. Furthermore, make sure Windows and your PC's drivers (especially display drivers) are updated to the latest version.

Solution 1. Turn off Windows Tips

Gray boxes may be the result of Windows tips or tricks stuck with 'redundant'. In this context, disabling Windows Tips in Windows Settings might resolve the problem.

1. Press the Windows key and open Settings.

2. Now open System and go to the Notifications & Actions tab.

3. Then, uncheck the option Get Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions As You Use Windows.

4. Now restart your PC and check if the gray box problem got solved.


Solution 2. Turn off the touch screen of your system
Your system may display a gray box on the screen if the touch screen is obstructing the display module. In this case, turning off the touch screen might solve the problem.
1. Launch the Quick Access menu by pressing Windows + X keys simultaneously. Then select Device Manager.
2. Now expand the Human Interface Devices option and then right click on your touch device.
3. Then select Off and check if the display problem is resolved.
If the problem persists, check if you can swipe the box away with two fingers (after turning on the touchscreen).
Solution 3. Reinstall Graphics Drivers
You may see a gray box on your screen if your system's graphics drivers are damaged. In this case, reinstalling the graphics driver (default / newest) might solve the problem.
1. Press Windows Key+ X simultaneously, and in the Power Users menu, select Device Manager.
2. Now expand Display adapters and right-click on your graphics card.
3. Then select Uninstall and check the option Remove the driver software for this device.
4. Now click on Uninstall and then wait for the uninstall process to complete.
5. Then right-click the Windows button and in the Power User menu select Apps & Features.
6. Now expand any apps related to your graphics card, e.g. Nvidia GeForce Experience, then click Uninstall.
7. Then confirm uninstalling the app and let the uninstall complete.
8. Now restart your PC and check to see if the rendering problem is resolved (Windows may install its default driver).
8. If not, download and install your graphics card manufacturer's latest driver and check if it solves the gray box problem.

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