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Sunday, March 14, 2021

How to Show Program Icon Names in Taskbar of Windows 10

The Taskbar in Windows 10 comes with a lot of customizations. One of those options allows you to show / hide text next to icons in opened windows on the Taskbar. You can display the icon and name of the window at the same time. In this article, we will show you how to hide or show icon names next to the icons in the Taskbar on Windows 10.

Show Program icon names in Windows 10 Taskbar

To hide or show Program Name next to Taskbar icons on Windows 10, do the following:

1. Right click on the Taskbar and then click on Taskbar Settings.

2. The Settings window will open

3. Scroll down to find the Combine taskbar buttons

4. Click the drop-down menu and choose Never.

When you do this, you'll notice that names appear next to Taskbar icons for opened windows.

On the other hand, displaying text with icons in the Taskbar is limiting a large portion of the space in the Taskbar. So it would be better to hide the text next to the icon of the opened windows on the Taskbar.

To hide the icon name next to the Taskbar icons, repeat the same steps above but this time instead of selecting Never, choose Always, hide labels or When taskbar is full from the menu. drop down.


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