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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How to Find the Service Tag on a Windows 10 Laptop

If you’re in the market for a Windows 10 laptop, you will go through lots, and lots of different manufacturers. Those same manufacturers will have plenty of options to offer you; varying in price, specs, and bundled software.

Unlike Macs that are only available in a limited set of configurations, Windows 10 systems come in countless variations. In order to keep track of these systems individually, especially when it comes to providing support, manufacturers give them a service tag.

Service tags on Windows 10 laptop

A service tag is unique to each system, and it allows the manufacturer of the system to immediately know what hardware is configured on it.

A service tag is entered on the laptop manufacturer's website and it allows users to quickly find drivers for it, among other things.

A. Find Service tag on laptop

The easiest way to find a service tag is to look under your laptop. You will find a sticker that clearly states the service tag.

B. Find service tag via Command Prompt

If you’re using your laptop and want to flip it over to read the service tag, or the tag is worn out, you can find the tag from Command Prompt.

1. Open Command Prompt with standard user rights (admin rights not needed).

2. Run this command: wmic bios get serialnumber

3. The command will return the service tag.

C. Find service tag via PowerShell

You can also look up the service tag via PowerShell.

1. Open PowerShell (admin access is not needed).

2. Run this command: wmic bios get serialnumber

3. Note the service tag that the command returns.

D. Find service tag via BIOS

The service tag is also written in your BIOS information. You may need to search for it but it should on the hardware summary or similar tab.

1. Shut down your system.

2. Power the system On and tap the F2 key. If the F2 key does work, look up the key you have to tap to access BIOS and tap it.

3. Go through BIOS and find the service tag.

Using a service tag

Now that you have your service tag, you can use it to get online support or find drivers for your system.

1. Visit the website of the manufacturer of your laptop.

2. Input the service tag in the given field or when talking to a support technician.

Service tags are not interchangeable; you can only use a service tag for the system it was allotted to. You also cannot use the service tag on a Dell system on a different non-Dell website.

Service tags, if leaked or stolen, do not put your system at risk. Not all laptop manufacturers issue a service tag for their devices.


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