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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Christmas theme for Windows 10 on Microsoft Store

 Another year is about to pass and also welcome the year-end holidays like Christmas. To celebrate the coming Christmas season, Microsoft has released winter themes and especially Christmas themes. The themes for Windows 10 will gather images with typical winter patterns such as snow, or pine trees in Christmas. The following article will summarize the Christmas themes for Windows 10 computers.

1. Snow Sculptures

Download the Snow Sculptures theme

The theme set includes 14 quality and sharp images on the theme of colorful Christmas. Scenes of snow castles, snow trains with snowmen will bring the atmosphere of winter right on your computer.

2. Festival of Lights

Download the Festival of Lights theme

Even in the name of the theme also speaks to the theme of festivals and lights. The theme has all 17 images with shimmering lights, indispensable in the festivals.

3. Warm Winter Nights

Download the Warm Winter Nights theme

The theme that this theme is aimed at is the night landscape of winter. You will see the mountains covered in white, or colorful auroras in the middle of the winter night.

4. Winter Garden

Download Winter Garden theme

If you love the natural scenery in winter, you can download the Winter Garden theme. The theme has 8 nature images covered with white snow on the surface.

5. Christmas Countdown

Download the Christmas Countdown theme

As you might have guessed, the Christmas Countdown will show you a countdown to Christmas, to help you keep track of the total number of days left until exactly the Christmas you expect.

This app is perfect for both adults and children. To make things more dynamic make sure to switch between all those great Christmas background themes.

The best part is that all of the settings are applied automatically on all of your devices. What's more, get ready to enjoy a humorous, warm video every day! It's a unique way to celebrate special holidays like this, right?

6. Microsoft Desktop Themes

Download the Microsoft Desktop Themes theme package

If you want to customize every aspect of your Windows 10 machine, the Microsoft Desktop Themes package is clearly the best choice for that.

To get one of Microsoft's great Christmas themes expand the appropriate category, click on the link for the theme and finally select the Open button.

There are even some panoramic dual screen themes that are worth your attention, as well as branded themes or some options with custom sounds, so let your imagination run wild. .

There are many beautiful Christmas themes on the Microsoft Store available for free to choose from. Hope the suggestions in this article will help bring the Christmas atmosphere to your computer!

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