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Sunday, November 15, 2020

How to use Cleanmgr + clean the drive, clear the browser cache

On Windows, there is a Disk Cleanup tool available to clean the drive and increase the capacity of the Windows computer. In addition, users can also use some external installation tools to speed up the process of cleaning junk files, temporary files on the computer effectively. The Cleanmgr + tool is as simple to use as Disk Cleanup, which cleans the drive and clears the browser cache.

Use Cleanmgr +

1. You access the link below to download the Cleanmgr + tool to your computer.

Download the Cleanmgr +

Then you unzip and click on the exe file to install the tool. At the first interface you will see there will be 2 versions used:

  • Cleanmgr: Version includes cleaning features like Disk Cleanup, support to open Storage Sense.
  • Cleanmgr +: New version, including features in Cleanmgr and new features such as clear cache, dark theme support, ... Click Cleanmgr +

2. In the next interface you will see the junk files on the system as in the interface of Disk Cleaunup. The types of files to be deleted include:

  • Old files.
  • Temporary files.
  • Application file installed on the computer.
  • Data stored in trash
  • Installation log information.
  • Website data stores offline viewing.

Check the item you want to delete or press Select> All to select all. Next, click Cleanup > Yes to delete the selected data.

3. To clear the web browser data, click More and then select the browser that we want to delete. Then also click Cleanup to delete the data.

4. Also to change the interface press the menu icon three dashes> Settings> Choose a theme to change. In addition in this interface you can also set up Cleanmgr + operation and cleaning program.

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