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Monday, October 7, 2019

How To Fix Modern Setup Host High Disk Usage In Windows 10

Modern Setup Host high CPU usage is caused by the process of installing a Windows feature update. When the system gets one of the major updates once or twice a year, this process appears on the machine. Often it causes issues and the particularly high usage of computer resources like CPU or disk. Unfortunately, this is a common issue for Windows 10
Modern Setup Host high CPU usage affects the speed of your device and makes it running significantly slower than usual. It happens due to the process that runs in the background and causes high usage of CPU or Disk. SetupHost.exe can be found in Task Manager and even ended.
However, ending the process alone cannot work every time. Although this is a common issue that appears on the Windows 10 device, there is no reason to worry about the Modern Setup Host high CPU or disk usage because this is a fixable problem. 
Modern Setup Host is a Microsoft Windows process responsible for installing Windows updates, in particular, major OS updates that came out every few methods.The executable runs the process on your machine when the update is ready to get installed. The process should take 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the performance of the computer, so it runs for a long time on the PC that is already pretty slow and causes even more frustration for the user. 
Method 1: Run the Windows Update troubleshooter
1. Press Windows keyor click on search box. Type troubleshoot in the search box, then click on it to run
2. On next windows click on Windows Update, then on Run the troubleshooter. This will automatically start Windows Update troubleshooter.
3. When it finishes see if the troubleshooter detect any problem, fix it. Otherwise if this tool doesn’t detect any issue then apply other fixes.

Method 2: Use DISM Tool To scan Corrupted Files
1. Run the Command prompt as an Administrator.
2. Type the following commands and press Enter after each
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Checkhealth
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
When you enter these command the scanning process will start. So be patient because it takes several minute. Once the scan complete update Windows and if problem still persist move to next fix.
Method 3: Perform Clean Boot
1. Open Run dialog box for that press Windows Key+ R. Now type msconfig and click OK.
2. Once new window appears, click on General tab and deselect Load Startup Items.
4. Then go to Services tab and tick on Hide all Microsoft services appearing at the bottom of the window.
5. Click the Disable All button.
6. Then head towards Startup tab and click Open Task Manager.
7. When Task Manager is open, click on Startup tab. Disable all startup items which are showing Enabled status.
8. Close Task Manager, go back to the System Configuration window and click OK
9. Now restart your PC.
Once the system reboot, try installing Windows update. This will surely solve modern setup host and your PC will consumes nominal CPU usage.
Method 4Fix the Modern Setup Host has Stopped Working Error
Initially, it is recommended to wait for at least 3-4 hours and let the Modern Setup host run before trying to kill it. However, if it isn’t fixing your problem, we suggest you try the guide below.
1. Press Windows Key+ I buttons simultaneously to open settings.
2. Select the System and click on Notifications and Actions from the left pane.
3. Turn the Get Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions as you use Windows option off by unchecking the box or pressing the toggle.
4. Press Windows Key + I again and select the Personalize button.
5. Click on the Start option from the left and turn the Show Suggestions Occasionally in Start button off.
6. Press Windows Key+ I  and select the Windows Update & Security option.
7. Select Windows Security from the left pane and click on App and Browser Control.
8. Check Off for all three options to turn Windows Smartscreen off.
9. Press Windows Key+ I and click on Privacy.
10. Select Background Apps from the left pane and turn off the toggle for all the unnecessary apps.
11. Press Windows Key + R to open the run prompt.
12. Type in the following command and press Enter.
control.exe srchadmin.dll
13. Click on the Modify option and uncheck all the options.
14. Click on OK to save your settings.
15. Check to see if the issue persists.

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