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Monday, September 9, 2019

How to Find Your Printer IP Address

Whether you have just one printer connected to your home network, or a whole bunch of them linked up to an office, there are plenty of good reasons why you may need to know the IP addresses of the printers on your network. Having the static IP address of a printer makes it easier to share with other devices on the network, and sometimes if a PC stops detecting a printer, then the IP address can be the best way to find it.
Here we’re going to show you a few ways to find the IP address of a printer on your network.
Method 1: Find on your Computer
If you want to see your printer’s IP address, then you can also see it on your computer which is very simple and easy. For this, follow the below instructions:
1. Go to the start menu in your computer which is available on the bottom left corner of the screen and then click on Control Panel.
2. Click on Devices and Printers.
3. Now under the Printers and Faxes, your printer should be shown and then check your printer’s model number with it.
4. Now right click on the printer and then click on Printer properties
5. After that, click on the Port taband then you can easily see your printer’s IP address.
Method 2: Find the IP Address by Issuing a Command
1. Go to the Start menu and enter cmd.
2. In the Best match section, choose Command Prompt.

3. Enter netstat -r and press Enter. If the printer is connected using TCP/IP (not WSD), the printer displays in the list of Active Routes in the IPv4 Route Table.
Method 3: Find Printer IP on Your Router
Seeing as your network printers go through your router, it’s only natural that the router contains their IP information. Log into your router (usually by typing or into your browser address bar, then entering your username and password), and you should be able to find a list of all the network devices connected to your router.
How exactly to find this information varies from router to router, but you may find the list under “Attached Devices” or “Network Devices.” Have a bit of a browse around your router menu and you should happen upon it eventually. Find your printer’s name first in the “Device” column, then look over to the “IP Address” column to see its IP address.

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