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Saturday, September 15, 2018

How To Fix Automatic Repair Loop Windows 10

Automatic Repair Loop error is one of the most annoying errors for Windows computer users. It is worth mentioning that the Automatic Repair feature built into Windows never automatically corrects errors on the system, instead putting the user into a loop of repetitive startup. In the article below will guide you how to fix Automatic Repair Loop on Windows 10.

Fix Windows automatic repair loop using command prompt

1.At Automatic Repair Screen choose Advanced Options.

2.Click Troubleshoot on the screen which appears.

3.Click Advanced Options

4.Choose Command Prompt.

5.Now type C: and press Enter.

6.Then type DIR
Press Enter after typing each command:
cd \windows\system32\config and press Enter
md Backup and press Enter
copy *.* Backup and press Enter

7.Now navigate to "RegBack" folder (Windows\System32\Config\RegBack), where Windows stores automatically a backup of the registry files whenever the machine is booted. To navigate to RegBack folder type this command: cd RegBack

8.Then type DIR press Enter
Now see if any of the listed files has 0 (zero) bytes in their file size.

9.Typing each command: copy *.* ..

10. Press A to overwrite the files in destination after the last command.

13. Type exit and press Enter to close command prompt.

14. Restart your computer.


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