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Friday, September 14, 2018

How to Enable or Disable Sync Your Settings in Windows 10

Windows sync settings introduced in Windows 8. But it got better in Windows 10 significantly. Sync settings launched in Windows 8. But it’s not so familiar to the most people. No problem. Because I am going to explain everything about the How to Sync Your Settings in Windows 10

In Windows 10, the sync settings are located in Accounts settings option and listed as “Sync your settings”. Under these settings, you will get seven simple ON/OFF switches, which is far more manageable to the average novice user.
Go to Start button > Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings
But all settings are must be greyed out if you have not logged in with Microsoft account.

To login to Microsoft account, go to Your email and accounts option available at the top in left pane. Click there.

Put your Microsoft email ID, password and click Sign in
Put your current Windows local user’s password and click Next

Here you will get option to set up a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which is set of numbers provide you faster & secured way to login to all your Windows deivces. You may Skip this step or click the Set a PIN button.

If you click Set a PIN button, you will get below screen to put a PIN and click OK.
Note: Verify your account by clicking Verify option available in either Sync your settingsor Your email and accounts.

Now you can go back to Sync your settings and change the settings as you need.
Click Sync your settings.

Turn On the switch next to Sync Settings

The first option is like main switch to turn ON or OFF all the syncing option altogether. You have to keep it ON to sync the Windows PC in sync with other devices or PC.


The “Theme” setting will sync your color theme and background with other Windows devices, but if you want keep separate background and color, then this needs to be off.

Internet Explorer settings” allows you to sync all Internet browser related settings like bookmarks, themes, logins and so on.

Passwords” settings is the third option in Individual sync settings. It allows you to sync any stored password on one Windows 10 machine to the others so you don’t have to always retype them all.

Language preferences” is useful if you use Windows multi-lingually.
You can sync all accessibility settings with “Ease of Access” sync settings. For more details go to Settings > Ease of Access.
At last, “Other Windows settings”, help you to sync other less important settings like window accents, taskbar position, and so on.
That’s it! These sync settings in Windows 10 are really important if you are using multiple Windows devices or PC and wanted have same settings available across all devices without changing individually on each and every device.

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