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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Can't Open .exe Files In Windows 10

METHOD-1 RESET WINDOWS STORE 1.Click on start 2.Click on settings 3.Click on apps 4.Type store 5.Click on store 6.Click on advanced options 7.Click Reset 8.Confirm Reset Done!

METHOD-2 FIX ERRORS IN WINDOWS REGISTRY 1.Go To Windows Search 2.Type Regedit 3.Right click and select run as administrator 4.Open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT 5.Go to .exe 6.Click on .exe 7.Double click on (Default) 8.Make sure it says exefile in value data(if not type exefile in value data) 9.Go to exefile 10.Click on exefile

11.Double click on (Default) 12.Make sure it says Application in value data(if not type Application in value data) 13.Open exefile 14.Open shell 15.Expand open 16.Click on command 17.Double click on (Default) 18.Make sure it says “%1” %* in value data(if not type “%1” %* in value data)

19.Restart your pc after you fix errors in Windows Registry


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